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we can fly with ss501ღ.Join us so that we can fly to the heavens all together. ღ 회원 가입이 우리를 하늘로 날아


Kim Kyu Jong IG update[16.12.26] Heo Young Saeng IG updates[16.12.26] CI ENT twitter site updates[16.12.26] DoubleS301 with 85GYM Body Director Kim Kyu Jong by Photographer Koda DOUBLE S 301 With Lucky Fans [Fan Acc]DoubleS301 - "ETERNAL 501" tour in Tokyo, Japan today DoubleS301-Tour 2016-2017-ETERNAL501 in Tokyo-[16.12.26] Park Jung Min 2017 Calendar パク・ジョンミン 2017CALENDAR(卓上タイプ)..


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Kim Kyu Jong IG update[16.12.26]
[Trans by @xiaochu1004]

Thank you everyone in Tokyo!!! Thank you always^^
ترجمه:از همه ی شما در توکیو ممنونم!!! همیشه متشکرم^^

Heo Young Saeng IG updates[16.12.26]
[Trans by @xiaochu1004]

Thank you

끝나긴 끝나는구나..
오늘 하루도 수고했어요..
모든 스텝분들 수고했어요..
열심히 응원한 팬분들 수고했어요..
고음 하느라 고생한 내 목도 수고했어요.. 이 글을 다 읽은 당신도 수고했어요..

Finished, we have finished (the concerts)..
Thanks for the hard work for today too..
Thanks for the hard work by all the staff..
Thanks for the hard work by fans who cheered enthusiastically..
Thanks for the hard work by my voice which did the high notes..
Thanks for the hard work by you who read this message till the end..

ترجمه: تموم شد,کنسرت هامون رو تموم کردیم..
ممنونم که امروز هم سخت کار کردید...
به خاطر سخت کار کردن از تمام عوامل ممنونم...
از تمام طرفدارها بابت این که با شور و شوق ما رو تشویق کردن ممنونم...
از صدام برای خوندن نت های بلند ممنونم...
از تو هم بابت این که تا آخر این متن رو خوندی ممنونم...

(به شخصه عاشق این آپش شدم)

우리도 마네킹 챌린지라는걸 해봤는데..
쪼금 어렵네ㅋㅋ

We also tried Mannequin Challenge.. It's a little difficult keke fun~~~

ما همچنین چالش مانکن رو انجام دادیم(یه چالش هست که آدما در همون حالتی که هستن مثه مجسمه بدون هیچ حرکتی واسه چند لحظه وایمیستن. درست مثه اینکه یهو زمان متوقف بشه و الان همه جای دنیا این چالش رو انجام میدن و خیلی باحاله)...یه کم سخته ککک خنده داره

CI ENT twitter site updates[16.12.26]

Double S 301 Tour 2016-2017 “ETERNAL501” in #JAPAN

名古屋 - 神戸公演に続く日本ツアー最終都市東京!今本当の最後の公演である東京2回目公演だけを残しています!最後まで良い思い出作って見ましょう! .

DoubleS301 Tour 2016-2017 “#ETERNAL501” in #JAPAN

#일본 투어 무사히 종료! 301의 2016년 연말을 따뜻하게 함께 해준 팬 여러분들 감사합니다! 2017년 #멕시코에서 만나요!

DoubleS301 with 85GYM Body Director
Cr: https://www.instagram.com/p/BOe6-Vwj1se

Kim Kyu Jong by Photographer Koda
Cr: https://www.instagram.com/p/BOebrOeg-Sy

DOUBLE S 301 With Lucky Fans
@ kikakhj

@ ayumieun

[Fan Acc]DoubleS301 - "ETERNAL 501" tour in Tokyo, Japan today..
photo by : @ bbt_uzin
Cr: 1122misato+kikakhj

Members said that they are preparing for the activities on 2017. Hyung Jun said about his recruitment & the date is still a secret, but is likely to be in February 2017
.Hyung Jun mentioned that he likes the song "PPAP", also he sang it & danced many times
Hyung Jun: "Kyu Jong seems age 25, Yong Saeng19 years old, but I seems I am 18 years"
Kyu Jung & Young Saeng: "What"
Members really addicted to the dance song "PPAP" and without any doubt Young Saeng isthe best dancer on them.
HyungJun: "I have a pen, I have a Young Saeng, ah, YoungSaeng pen"
And when HyungJun submission next song he said, "I have you, I have a man, ah, U R MAN"
Each time HyungJun sings "PPAP" songs .
.Young Saeng: (seen stares peek)
Kyu Jong: (seen stares impress)
While they were members singing the song "Memories Only For Us"they were dancing the song "PPAP", & in the end Kyu Jong could not pull one's punches of laughter
.Hyung-Jun: Let's call Young Saeng "Yolk" not "Hulk"
Fans: .....
Kyu Jong: It's not fun at all
"Hulk means the structure"
.Kyu: Hyung Junny will lead a musical play
.Hyung Jun: Come to see me
.Kyu: Give us tickets
.Hyung Jun: No problem
.Kyu: I mean plane tickets
.Kyu Jong & Young Saeng make Hyung Jun dancing for a while
.Hyung Jun: "I have a Young Saeng, I have a Kyu Jung, Oh, shut up."
.Jun: "Let's call Young Saeng " Hugh-product, "I have a Young Saeng, I have a product, ah, Hugh-product"
Young Singh: " look at him"
.Kyu Jong introduced the last song with: "This song Remember the time that we lived in Japan as SS501, where Young Saeng wrote to me Christmas cards."
.the song is "Only our memories"
.Young Saeng is evil today:
.Nona: Make Junny lead song "PPAP"
.Night: Make Junny dancing on teams girls songs: TT, Very Very, Me Gustas Tu
But Kyu Jong was the most evil today:
.Kyu: "Hyung Jun led a good , but Young Saeng led correctly."

DoubleS301-Tour 2016-2017-ETERNAL501 in Tokyo-[16.12.26]


Park Jung Min 2017 Calendar パク・ジョンミン 2017CALENDAR(卓上タイプ)
Cr: http://jamaru.jp/parkjungmin/products/detail.php?product_id=646
Cr: https://www.instagram.com/hvtbof/

تقویم 2017 جونگ مین!!!! چقدر دلم برای این اسب چموش تنگ شده بود!


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